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A last dance at the end of days, Paradise are a four-piece noir drama of shimmering 50’s style guitars and lyrics both sacred and profane. Taut like Lee Marvin, Paradise aim to take you with them as the world comes crashing down in an artfully produced midnight ride that merges the current with the classic. Influences include The Bad Seeds, Roy Orbison and Suicide and their own disaffected perfection. Paradise were conceived in the best and worst of times when Madrugada’s former front man, Sivert Høyem, paired up with lead guitarist Rob McVey, who has previous form with Marianne Faithfull. A little mystery should always envelop the late night lounge of band formations. Bassist Simone Marie shimmied in with a seasoned resume that includes James Williamson & Primal Scream. It seems appropriate that the doyenne of rock n’ roll, Marianne Faithfull, should introduce drummer, Rob Ellis, to the fold as if passing the baton to the rightful heirs of rock n’ roll redeemed. The E.P, ‘Yellow’, produced by John Agnello of Sonic Youth acclaim, provides an enticing introduction. The E.P is a cynical cornucopia of hard-bitten realism, propelled by a back-beat of epic proportions, the insolent, self-assured guitars taking you back to where rock n’ roll began whilst Simone Marie’s haunting backing vocals shadow Sivert’s man of the world crooning. Atmospheric, terse yet triumphant, Paradise are a presence to be reckoned with as the E.P attests, each compelling track as diverse as the seasons. <br>