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I am very grateful to be constantly inspired. Thanks Cosmos!

I live simply & devote maximum energy to honouring this by creating new music. Playing & sharing my music on Spotify directly supports my daily life & future musical works. Thank you! I am a 3 X Near Death Survivor Vegan Straightedge Off Grid Solar Powered Quartz Tonal Musician/Singer Songwriter (in Beneficial Quartz Sound, Positive Mantra Space Rock, Acoustic Road Songs) Drawn to constant sound (which I remember before birth) I started piano at 3 (the piano was burned) & so took up guitar by the age of 7. I used tape loops & while in school played in punk bands of north west UK in 1977 on the same bill as Echo & the Bunnymen. In "The Fellmen" our sound was very "Can"we recorded & played in Liverpool. Our drummer left to work on a new song & ended up on the radio in James - with "Sit Down"