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Veil of Thorns is an ever evolving concept born of the fevered brain of P. Emerson Williams. Among the growing list of collaborators one can find authors, actors and musicians of many genres, reflecting the scope of what P. Emerson Williams calls Necrofuturist art. For much of their first decade, Veil of Thorns performed live extensively. It was in the new millennium their recorded output really began to ramp up. The looming necrofuture was here, and the digital panopticon that was built around us mirrored the world the lyrics of Veil of Thorns depicted from the start. This vision continued to expand and dispersively focus in releases through Inner-X-Musick and PANICMACHINE in the late twenty-aughts and twenty-teens. The work of Veil of Thorns goes in cycles, the latest concluded with Eschaton & Celebration and the next cycle began with Sun Falling, a collaboration with Jarboe. The narrative hypersigil started with that album is expanded upon with 2018's Dosage

and will continue with the upcoming Venerating Skin Due out from Wraith Productions.