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Solo For Dolo made a name for himself in the Asbury Park NJ area in the early 2000s as a teenage rap artist, gracing local stages, linking with established artists such as Tonedeff, Cunninlynguists and Domingo and more. After signing a deal and having a group project that eventually turned sour, Solo was left to scrappy independence where a “tour only” EP called “Black September” in 2007. After that he linked up with Domingo to executive produce “The Truth For The Youth” (2009) and “Self Titled” (2012) which recorded in NYCs Mercy Sound Studio with Grammy Winning Engineer Cus. During this Time frame Solo was working extra hard to get Hip Hop back into venues around NJ many of whom banned Hip Hop prior. 
 After learning from some professional producers and engineers Solo decided to get more involved in the audio side, linking with Don Producci (Action Bronson, Meyhem Lauren, Spit Gemz) for 2013s “Back To Basics” . Despite being Solos only home studio project it remains one of his most popular. 
 In 2015 SFD joined Ren Thomas and Billy Snubbs at Litehouse Musiq, where he went on to engineer, produce and record “The Last Call For Apathy” (2017) “The Fifth EP” (2017) “Professor Chaos” (2019) “The Killing Spree Ep” (2019) and “Mourning In America” (2020). He also provided production for Ren Thomas, Lord Sear, Shade45, Nujericans & more.