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A return to our roots, an escape from our mood, and a reflection upon the times. STREETLIGHT CADENCE returns with a raw, stripped down homecoming to their busking days, fresh off of a run as hosts of their Emmy®-nominated travel show, “Will Play For Food”. The lush acoustic arrangement so characteristic of their sound truly shines on “SEEDS”, a 4-track EP that is just dominated by the unique amalgamation of violin, cello, accordion, and gang harmonies. The full orchestration breeds a welcoming stage for their positive vibes, especially in light of the global situation. “In the Rearview” leads the 15-minute symphony with a French-inspired exposition, reminiscent yet hopeful at the same time, while “The Campfire” and “September Skies” follow with pop-driven melodies and danceable, anthemic lyrics. The EP caps off with the titular track, “Seeds (Round and Round)”, demonstrating the group’s progressive musicality, explored in a masterful finale featuring dueling violins. It’s been nearly 10 years since these sidewalk musicians first started jamming as broke students, and their growth as musicians, people, and friends reaches a new climax with the songs presented in “SEEDS”.