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SACH, William Cruz Ruiz composer and six-string bassist, José "Gato" Rodríguez on drums, electronic pads, together they bring an enticing new proposal of modern music. The project represents the vanguardist movement of the electro-jazz genre which fuses elements of funk, electronic and jazzfusion music and focuses on highlighting creativity, uniqueness and freshness. 
 The artist finds inspiration in tropical landscapes and converts it into a sound fit for electronic nightlife music. 
 This is achieved by combining caribbean dance rhythms in a dynamic, collective improvisation filled with energy. Sonically, they aim to entire their audience's senses by traveling down a mixture of minimalist and experimental paths. 
 Cruz Ruiz strives to transport audiences to great dimensions of musical expansion through synthesizers, sound modification and by sampling live recordings. 
 SACH goes beyond being a multi-genre project. They break tradition, patterns and musical formulas, bringing brand new colors to the 21st century musical palette.