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Born 1962 in Duisburg-Rheinhausen / Germany I was risen in a family where making music and reading in the Bible was a natural part of our daily life. My uncle played the mandolin, my father the mandola, my sister guitar and I the second mandolin. We loved to make music and perform in our church every now and then. When my sister and I were teenagers we made music with Christian bands and choirs and performed a lot. I started with my first studio recordings when I was only 15. Music is a present from God and if it is played well, it can give us a glimpse of how it could be to be in heaven. That’s how I experience music. My credo is Psalms 108, 1 & 2. 
 Heartfelt greetings and may my music touch your heart, bring happiness or comfort you. 
 God bless you, 
 Werner www.werner-hucks.de https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtRL9djgz7bln0nzdKkZjVg