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Canadian-born. Globally bred. Scrap Arts Music has performed in 16 countries over 5 continents for audiences of all backgrounds, offering family-friendly presentations with wide-ranging appeal since 2001. Gregory & Justine’s credo?…Take some SCRAP, transform it through the ARTS of welding, sculpture, and choreography, and then – with extraordinary and athletic percussionists – create beautiful MUSIC. The result? Musical works that are intricate, playful and powerful, delighting the eyes and the ears!   Rooted in an eco-friendly sensibility, all of Scrap Arts Music’s instruments are handmade from recycled material. Often compared to STOMP and Blue Man Group (who also use everyday materials to produce sound), Scrap Arts Music’s philosophy is a bit different: they build full-blown artistic instruments from literal pieces of scrap! Each instrument is a one-of-a-kind creation that doubles as both music-maker and artistic sculpture. Think ‘Dr. Seuss‘ meets ‘Animal‘ – a madcap orchestra of invented instruments performed by a group of musicians who’ve got so much energy, they just might explode onstage. What’s possible when you push the limits of your own imagination? Scrap Arts Music dares to live this question, everyday. Audiences are inspired, creatively stimulated, and surprised by the potential that exists in the world. Each nuanced composition is a rich blend of serious, sophisticated ensemble percussion music paired with humorous moments. "A knock-out!” ~ THE AGE