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Following on from the success of her full-length 2018 debut ‘In Bloom’, ‘Vertigo EP’ further showcases GRANT’s impeccable ability to craft nuanced pop songs. The EP explores the depth and kaleidoscopic nature of her introspective songwriting - ‘Words’ follows soaring ballad ‘Don’t Recall Growing Old’ with its fluttering guitars and soulful tone, telling of her self-inflicted mistrust in her boyfriend’s loving words. Detailing more about the anxieties within relationships, ‘Hell Yes, I’m Betting On You’ pays tribute to early UK garage and house music, whilst the EP’s quirky title track ‘Vertigo’ explores the dizzying highs of infatuation through hazy art pop. Talking more about the EP GRANT says: “I’ve thought of happy love like a really good pop song - easy, instantly touching, revealing and after a while kind of repetitive - and this repetitiveness can either be comforting or irritating. This was my point of view before I dug into scrutinizing the different scenarios, feelings and bits and pieces that all together make up my relationship. In a way I let you follow my thought process making this EP, laying out the groundworks for what will be the album where I’m at the other side of thinking I’ve got the answers. I conclude the EP with declaring I don’t know a thing.”