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Posted By GRANT

There’s a certain mesmerizing quality to In Bloom, the full-length debut from Swedish singer/songwriter GRANT.

With her captivating vocals, the 23-year-old artist delivers every lyric with both a larger-than-life urgency and uncompromising intimacy, drawing the listener further and further into her own private universe. Set against a backdrop of sumptuously textured alt-pop, In Bloom finds GRANT wholly embodying whatever mood she’s conjuring: lovestruck, vengeful, heavy-hearted, triumphant. The result is an album that subtly transports you into a more enchanted state of mind, then returns you to the outside world with a deeper understanding of your own emotional truth.

In Bloom features her sublimely devastating debut single “Waterline.” The track arrived last fall and quickly earned acclaim for its elegant intensity and candid depiction of choosing survival over suicide.

Throughout In Bloom, GRANT maintains a deliberate vulnerability, a willful sensitivity that speaks to the quiet power in softness. But while each song is rooted in raw emotion, the album unfolds in lyrics showing a poet’s attention to detail and knack for unexpected turn-of-phrase. And whether the mood is ecstatic or stormy, outrageous or fragile, GRANT endlessly proves her skill at sculpting melodies as exquisite as a tune from some centuries-old music box.

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