Red City Radio


  1. 1.
    Two Notes Shy of an Octave
  2. 2.
    Love a Liar
  3. 3.
    In the Shadows
  4. 4.
  5. 5.
    Baby of the Year
There is – obviously – a great irony in naming any album released in 2020 Paradise. It’s a year that’s been anything but on so many levels that it doesn’t even bear getting into.
Yet that’s exactly what Red City Radio decided to title its fourth full-length record. It also might seem an odd thing for a band that has always kind of been the underdog to do, but, in fact, it’s very much in keeping with their unstoppable, unfuckwithable disposition, and the resilience that has flowed through music since the band started life in Oklahoma City, OK in 2007.
Consisting of vocalist/guitarist Garrett Dale, bassist Derik Envy, guitarist Ryan Donovan, and founding drummer Dallas Tidwell, the chemistry of this incarnation of Red City Radio is both obvious and infectious. Yet while there is positivity within these songs, the bare-bones emotional charge that has always defined Red City Radio is still very present. Musically, too, the band continues to expand and evolve – while the Fest-style punk of their early years is still audible in the framework of their songs, this is a band that has vastly expanded its horizons.
“We have constantly been what I would consider underdogs in the music scene,” admits Donovan, “but every step of the way we’re still winning – and I think that speaks volumes about the music itself. “What seems to have always been the underlying nature of the spirit of Red City Radio,” says Dale, “is to be intoxicatingly yourself.”


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