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Providing a much needed departure from the hyper-sexualized world of female rap, Mz Genesiz is an artist aiming to set the bar high with her meaningful music and self help books. Being a savvy and relentless businesswoman, she wants to empower young women to do the same. To embrace their authenticity and chase their dreams no matter the obstacle.

Mz Genesiz has now released three new singles titled “Super Press”, “Shook” and “Checkmate”. Featuring her signature sound, witty bars and a hip-hop vibe with empowerment lyrics. Always working with her unique style, Mz Genesiz made a place for herself in the music industry with a message of self-love, self-respect and a drive to rise above adversity. Born and raised in North Philadelphia, Genesiz went to high school with rapper Meek Mill and Elementary School with Singer Jasmine Sullivan. Genesiz has performed for crowds of over 50,000 alongside note-able acts such as Ryan Leslie, Roscoe Dash & Soldier Boy.