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Cólera was the first Brazilian punk rock band to record and also the first one to perform abroad. Formed in November, 1979, in São Paulo by brothers Edson Lopes Pozzi and Pierre (Carlos Lopes Pozzi) and friend Val (Valdemir Pinheiro, later replaced by Josué Correia, who was by his turn replaced by Fabio Bossi), the band is devoted to denouncing violence and war ("Pela Paz Em Todo Mundo", "Duas Ogivas"), exploitation and social injustice ("Não Fome", "Condenados", "Sarjeta"), slavery of man to machine ("1992") and the urban chaos ("Vivo Na Cidade", "São Paulo"). The first recording (Grito Suburbano, 1982) was shared with other bands of the homonymous movement which supported peace and ecological concerns in punk rock. The album was also released in Germany in 1984. They participated in three other compilations before recording the first of their eight LPs: O Começo Do Fim Do Mundo (November 1982), Sub (March 1983) and Beating the Meat (October 1983). Tente Mudar O Amanhã, the first LP, was recorded in 1985. The second, Pela Paz Em Todo O Mundo (1986), became a classic of the style in Brazil, selling 80,000 copies (30,000 in the U.S. and Canada). In 1987, Cólera toured Europe performing 56 shows in 10 countries, including Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, and France. Some of those recordings were released as LPs. The group continued its activities and in 2000, Plebe Rude re-recorded "Medo" and Inocentes, "Quanto Vale a Liberdade". ~ Alvaro Neder, Rovi