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I'm Jon Kunis, my friends just call me Kunis. I'm a producer in Brooklyn, born and raised in Atlanta - a southern boy in the big city. I make songs with lots of talented folks, often out of my apartment in my sweatpants :) I always wanted to be a singer but making songs for other amazing artists just seemed easier. This year my music friends pushed and pushed and finally got me to finish some of the hundreds of unfinished songs on my computer and Kunis was born. I just released my first 2 songs as an artist and have lots more coming out each month. I have a lot going on in my crazy brain and I've been holding it all in for too long. Telling strangers about my deepest insecurities seemed scary at first but now that I've finished a batch of songs that I'm truly proud of I don't know what I was so scared about. Making music and singing my own songs has always been the one thing that I felt was missing and I can't wait for you to hear these deeply personal stories from my life. Once I started showing people my own music I realized we all go through the same things and I hope you can relate to my songs and get as much out of listening to them as I did making them. 
 @jonkunis on insta :) @iamkunis on tiktok ❤️