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My bio as a song 
 They say I need a bio So people know my schtick I like writing verses I hope this does the trick Born on the Island outside of New York I learned to love music Before I could walk

(Where I’m from, that rhymes) Mom liked Seegar Dad dug Bach They bought me Revolver From then on, rock! I windmilled like Townsend I wailed like Page I wah-wahed with Jimi On the living room stage I got into folk I followed the Dead Learned how to jam stoned out of my head My first band was bluegrass The next one was punk I mixed it with folk and called it ‘swamp funk’ I wore through cassettes dug up the roots found BB, Muddy, Minnie and Ruth Elmore and Etta, Terry and McGee Marvin and Otis are who I wanted to be As the tree grew I learned about swing Django and Duke became my new thing I bounced with Billie bopped with ‘Trane Never learned to play it It was a whole other plane. I worked as a reporter lived, loved and raged The city my oyster the subway my stage Then I moved to Colorado Those were epic times Livin’ in Utopia and worked on my rhymes Now writing songs is my favorite thing I have CDs and a website for the songs that I sing I’m a little bit Bonnie A little bit Prine So much music so little time. A little bit Dead A bit Dead Kennedys I like long solos and rants with obscenities I love the Franks Frank S and Frank Z ‘A crooner on acid’ Kinda describes me (For more Bio Song see