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I am a singer who sings passionately from my heart and soul. Music is in my blood; singing is programmed into my DNA. I began to sing before I could speak, humming the operatic melodies from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty “Once Upon A Dream.” I was enchanted at age two by Sarah Brightman’s live performance and thus my vocal journey began. Being a Chaldean American woman born in Boston, raised in Detroit, and living in Los Angeles, I have a plethora of experiences and different vibrations that invigorate me as a singer. I began singing opera, which led to jazz, gospel, pop, urban, and eventually my own cultural, worldwide, original sound. Together, we can ensure the spread of freedom and self expression through music. Not only do I want my music to inspire you, I want it to take you back to a special time in your life. I want you to feel deeply and love passionately; I want my music to set you free. My purpose for this life is to change the world with the simplicity of songs. Through my music, I hope you may escape the stresses of reality and live in your personal version of peace.