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Daring. Brave. Timeless. Marét. Transcendent of labels and trends, crafting her art with honesty and bravery, Marét has been calling us, since her debut in 2018. She is fearless in her creation; forging her pop songs in the fires of ancestry and poetry. Soaring melodies, lush harmonies, chest pounding beats and her mesmerising vocals take us deep within to a yearning we didn’t know we had. Marét gives us verses to lean into and choruses to sing along to. Her vocals are bold and defined, refreshing in a time where ‘less’ is celebrated. Few singers authentically resonate comfortably inside various styles, but along the way it is obvious Marét has been busy refining her skills to effortlessly move in and around all of these melodies and seamlessly shift from a whisper to a roar. Marét brings her new music to the world at a time when all of us need a wave of hope. She is here to soothe us; to cradle our hearts, to unburden our minds. We all need to be moved and that is the super power of Marét and her music, it gets you in the heart. 2018 was the landing and 2020 and beyond is the confirmation that Australia has an artist here that knows what she is doing and why she is doing it… Instagram @officialmaret Facebook @officialmaret