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GOATS OF DOOM was founded in 2008 by Scaregod and Inasnum. Three full-lengths eventually followed in 2012, 2015, and 2017 with this lineup; in this iteration, the band was more synth-based black metal, but not strictly "symphonic black metal" by definition. Expanded to a trio for their fourth album, 2018's Rukous, GOATS OF DOOM displayed a new face, where the mysterious atmosphere of old was shot through with more surging aggression and bewitching melody: in essence, a melodic blizzard, if you will. Expanding their lineup yet again to a full five-piece, fittingly, fifth album Tie on Hänen Omilleen sees the band bringing together all their eras while embarking upon yet another new journey. Contact: goatsofdoomofficial@hotmail.com