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The Lay, counting 5 heads at 2 meters tall and 1 solid sound. Catchy songs with gripping stories backed by tight rhythms and a 60’s vibe. Inspired by artists like Status Quo, The Rolling Stones and The Who they take their music to the stage with high energy. Pumping sets at Vera, Flinke Pink and Wiedepop, acoustic and intimate ones at Songkwartier West and Rumbling Earth, and steaming in beer-soaked pubs: The Lay will not be tamed or restricted by genres or pigeonholes. They even had the opportunity to grace the great hall of the Oosterpoort for the remarkable “Pamiétamy” project. What more could you want? Well, a release would be nice. And a release there will be! In 2018 their first EP, titled Dying Weight, will appear.