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Abandoned frequencies, forgotten airwaves, lonely broadcasts through the storm... 
 Dead Sea Radio is a project born of travel and life lived between Asia, Europe and Australia. 
 Evocative melodies and soundscapes, accompaniments for movies never made. Homage to genius the likes of Max Richter @nilsfrahm @olafurarnalds @rachelgrimes 
 But at heart born of the Australian coast line, of small haunted regional towns, of bush land and scrub with spirit and soul older than anywhere else in the world. We tip our heads to the founding fathers @warrenellis @mickturner @mickwhite @nickcave @thedirtythree 
 So what happened? We fled the world, the pestilence, the pandemic chaos and returned to Australia as the curtain descended and there in a room in a studio with windows that stared into gardens and soft gentle natural light we created this that somehow responds to everything good and everything bad and everything that was and then wasn’t and will now never be. We created this. 
 It was really just to make us feel better. 
 During the lockdown, the exile, the purge, the surrender. 
 We made this. 
We make our own stuff. 
 We hope you take something from it too. 
 Dead Sea Radio.