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Baze Blackwood is the solo project of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Miles Blackwood Robinson. Pulling from a number of diverse influences, Robinson’s freak-pop sensibilities and bathroom-pop approach to production have underlied every Baze project since the home recording ‘2’ was re-released in 2018. Shortly thereafter, ‘If It Is’

was produced with long-time collaborator Scoops Dardaris, an alt-Americana expression of everything from wonder and heartache—to politics and paranoia. Working alongside psych outfit Arc Iris and Scoops, the newest Baze EP, retroject (out Sep 18 2020) swirls with pulsing soundscapes and rich orchestration and explores notions of identity and time. The songs on retroject are prismatic explorations of angst and unease–and ultimately, their ability to drive and change us. In meditating on the past, both in lyric and in form, retroject contends with the relative comfort of the past while speaking to our preoccupation and discomfort with revisiting past selves and past lives. It encapsulates the uncanny feeling of hearing your voice on a grainy cell phone video for the first time—the duality of recognizing one’s whole self in abstract while simultaneously being aware of being made up of a million infinitesimally small, constantly moving—and changing—parts.