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With self-releases that led to international play-time and official releases on Fraudulent Records & Incursion Recordings, at just 23 years old, STØNE has already headlined at ValhallaFest twice and dazzled crowds in his sets at Space Yacht LA, San Francisco, and Fresno among others, performing on big lineups with the likes of Drezo, Jack Beats, Botnek, Londonbridge, Schade, and Blossom. STØNE’s music has evoked everything from marriage proposals to label offers, due mainly to his ability to convey stories and emotions sonically. STØNE seamlessly weaves bass house energy with groovy tech vibes to craft a genre-bending, trance-inducing sound that hooks listeners from the first note. Amidst a music scene that’s littered with copycats and wannabes, STØNE’s flair for rule-breaking sets him apart from traditional artists. Simply put, he does things with sounds that shouldn’t work, but somehow do. With mixing skills that rival those of industry vets, STØNE’s live sets are composed of tracks that are dark yet catchy, forceful yet melodic, and always danceable. Although STØNE has been on the scene for only two years, he’s cultivated a persona that resonates with audiences worldwide. He doesn’t care for external validation, which gives him the creative liberty to experiment with fresh, abstract sounds which draw listeners into his world. STØNE is racking up more fans by the day, and with a treasure trove of unreleased tracks, he’s poised to blaze a trail to be remembered.