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Toronto-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Jeia is a passionate force creating vast soundscapes across all genres and timelines. Influenced by Carter Beauford, Victor Wooten, Eric Johnson, all the way to Björk, The Flashbulb, and Aphex Twin,

Jeia's music evokes a peace and emotional release that’s needed in this era of unrest. There is no box to force Jeia into, her versatility means anything can come from her music the second you press play. Everything from slower more introspective tracks all the way to energetic music that forces you to get up and dance, her music feels like an intimate escape that reaches right into your soul. Between a number of collaborations, performing with others and paving her own path for herself, Jeia is a name we’ll be hearing for a long time to come as her impact exceeds the work she’s done in the industry.