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dram, a synth indie pop band from Belgrade, Serbia, made its debut with the first major label album called ''Nećemo promeniti svet'', in December 2019. Best known as a band who transforms concert venues into dancefloors, dram makes melanholic but dance-oriented music, connecting an opposite worlds together. Variety of powerful guitar sequences, dominant retro synth phrases over four vocals and groovy drum and bass lines in modern arrangements, makes dram one of the most interesting bands in Serbia in a while. Often described as a promising newcomer in the country, dram started its career in best way possible – introducing official singles right before their album release, and touring around Serbia. Their gigs were sold-out. The band took part in many open air festivals, such as Exit festival in Novi Sad, Arsenal Fest in Kragujevac, Belgrade Beer Fest, the famous Kišobran party among others. In September 2020, dram's single ''Daj mi sve'' has won prestigious Milan Mladenović Prize. Nowadays, we are recording material for their new singles and making some fresh collaborations, such as yugowave trippy "Ti me voziš" single with Fantom. The band consists of 
Stefan Aćimović (lead vocals, guitars), Marko Arizanović (synths, vocals), Branko Dimitrijević (bass, vocals) and Pavle Savić (drums & electronica).