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"From a listener’s perspective, It feels like an offering—an invitation to join her in celebration of our connection to the earth and each other. She expresses that light is what binds us together, and it cannot be put out." - Wanderlust Ida Jo is a singer, violinist, artist and writer. Born and raised in the Midwest, Ida Jo’s musical style builds on a long history of blending rock, folk, and gospel music. Her songs are carefully crafted, meant to get at the heart of the humanity that connects us all. A violinist from a young age, Ida Jo employs a seldom heard technique that is the combination of a folk fiddle style called “chopping” and her extensive classical training. She’s been named WAMI Female Vocalist of the Year and MAMA Folk/Americana Performer of the Year. Recently she’s toured with Wanderlust, performed at the wellness center Kripalu, and festivals such as Milwaukee’s Summerfest and SXSW. She’s been published in the Huffington Post and has presented at TEDx. Ida Jo was award the title Yoga Acharya (Master of Yoga). She has been part of significant research into the forgotten yoga of Kolkata, India which has culminated in the publication of 7 books. Ida Jo is currently working on a collection of alcohol ink paintings called LIGHT.