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Madame So is a Paris-born singer-songwriter based in London. "Madame So is unlike anything else coming out of the UK right now and all the better for it." - Listen with Monger "This North-London based solo artist is intense. She'll remind you of so many singers but is impossible to pin down." - The Girls Are "Madame So makes music that isn’t just about experimenting with the sound, but it’s also about the content, the message, the drive behind these songs, the person behind them and Madame So has got this knack for being able to really say what needs to be said when no one else wants to say it and that is the kind of person who smashes down the walls of society and make a noise that cannot be ignored."- SHEWOLF "Two things are crystal clear now, Madame So explores different sonic directions with flair and determination AND she’s here to stay." -

TURN UP THE VOLUME One of "10 Artists Running London’s Underground Music Scene" - SHE SHREDS MAGAZINE "Multi-layered pop rock, great languid vocals, chimming guitar, inventive, captivating" - Echoes and Dust "Impressive stuff!" - Gary Crowley (BBC Introducing) Pay special attention to: REAL FRIENDS Who Are We to Judge? You Say Generation Y Black is Beautiful Sell-by Date