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My name is Tripindickulous, Born in Hollywood raised in LA and OC. I was always on stage young as a tap dancer at the age of 4. My grandma put in dancing at a dance studio in Compton, I was always hearing all sorts of music growing up that most kids wouldn’t hear. I had a strong love for music from very young. I was in the band from 7th to 9th grade lol. I played flute, percussion, and a little piano. My dad was a rapper and he wrote my first 2 verses when I was 9 and we recorded a song (my first song) in Las Vegas. But I never wanted to be a rapper. I never wanted to pursue music as an artist until I was 17. That’s when I started my rap journey lol. After 14 years Hip Hop changed and I didn’t want to pursue it anymore. So I made a decision to switch genres, I always played around with Alternative music but never took it serious. As soon as I did my whole life changed just from my very first record as Tripindickulous.I made the name a business, slogan, definition, and brand, all of apart of my artistry. Hope you enjoy the TRIP with me and TRIPINDICKULOUS LLC