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dyrtbyte. the principles of opposites. In 2013, two men meet in Cologne whose opposites are obvious: Philipp Sutter, born in Marburg in 1975, is a studied jazz pianist. Drummer Aram Khlief was born in Damascus in 1984 and started his career in a Jordanian punk band. Exciting similarities can be found in the most diverse biographies. And so dyrtbyte is born.   Making similarities audible is a pretty good description for the band's goal. The sound is hard to pin down between genres. Whether it's a bass-heavy club performance, gigs with a full band line-up or a large-scale fusion with a complete symphony orchestra.   Consistent further development is an integral part of the band's philosophy, and the often-used phrase "tweaking the sound" can indeed be understood literally in the case of dyrtbyte. Two machines were specially developed that mechanically trigger piano strings, for example in the perfaormance video „Positively Negative“. The fundamental and self-evident openness in all directions and last but not least the passion for electronic music make dyrtbyte an exciting band that knows how to use its greatest asset: The desire for new things.