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Felix Dames started producing music in the early nineties. Back then everything started with a Commodore Amiga 500 followed by an Atari ST computer and the E-mu EMAX II sampler. 1996 First album "Vlix-Trax" released completely on his own and sold without distribution channel by hand. 1997 Film score "Dark". 1999 Project "Dienzephalon" with XDB. 2000 Various Dienzephalon releases on Nova Tekk's sub labels Liquid Audio Soundz, Naja Records, Global Trance Network, Sub Terranean. Album "Debut" in 2001 and releases on Pulse Vol.10 & 11, Tantrance Vol.11, Planet Goa Vol.4. "Beyond Underground" licensed by Spirit Zone Rec. for "Global Psychedelic Chill Out Vol.2". With the collapse in music sales and illegal downloads around 2002 Nova Tekk went insolvency and their second album never got released. At that time Felix has moved from Göttingen, where he was born, to Berlin to study digital film arts as a second career path. Now several years later, being a motion designer and compositing artist in his full time job, Felix selected in 2013 five of his best tracks and released EP "Neustart". With EP "Horizontale Dimension" in 2015 Felix was able to reach a broader audience. TV company RTL2 picked up his sound and used it for their in house production series "Berlin Tag & Nacht". 2016 EP "Primary Amplitude" 2019 EP "Indications Of Decay" 2020-06-19 Ambient EP "Zeitgeist Corona" OUT NOW! more info: