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Luke Mitrani is a rare example of someone living their second dream. He spent most of his life as a professional snowboarder - made the US Snowboarding Team at age 12, and was a hopeful for the 2014 Olympic gold. Luke, his brother Jack Mitrani, and fellow snowboarders Shaun White and Mikkel Bang always brought guitars along on snowboard trips. Their creativity and talent transferred, and they all pushed each other in their musical abilities, as well as their snowboarding. Luke’s life drastically changed during an Olympic qualifying event in New Zealand, where he had one of the worst crashes that the snowboarding world had ever seen. He burst shattered his c5 vertebrae

in his neck and was very close to dying that day. His time in the hospital was a personal nightmare, but he recounts a turning point when his brother Jack came and played guitar for him in the hospital bed. He came to understand the full healing power that music has, and turned a career ending moment into an opportunity. After being released from the hospital, Luke teamed up with fellow musician and producer Lynx. Lynx, a lifelong musician, quickly recognized his talent, and she helped produce his first album 'Walk on the Moon'. In 2019, Luke self-produced his second album ‘Live it Up’. Luke’s finds influence from classic rock and electronic artist’s and his live show is full of pure energy. Give the page a follow and ride the journey of his second dream! All Inquiries: