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Biography Holger Mück was Born in 1975 in Kronach, Germany. In addition to other subjects he studied Trumpet at Hermann-Zilcher-Konservatorium for Music in Würzburg. After he spent time with the Air Force Band, he studied electrical engineering in Coburg, in the field Data and information technologies. In 2004 he implemented his own school for music, the „brassonic - Bläserschule“. The same year he launched his own orchestra called „Orchester Holger Mück“. He accompanied all music productions of the orchestra as art director as well as producer and unit manager. He also contributed with trumpet Solos and as vocalist to the music. A range of his own compositions and arrangements are published in various publishing companies. Mück also is author as well as tester for the magazine „sonic - sax and brass“, where he inspects horns and other accessories for musicians. Moreover, he generates content considering sound carriers and literature for music. Due to his experience within the music scene and especially with higher brass instruments, many manufacturers trust his judgement and improve their instruments taking his statements into account.