Blending apathetic vocal delivery and sludgy guitars with a sound rooted in punchy blues, grunge revivalists Slothrust breathe newfound life into the angsty sounds of the '90s.

Based out of Brooklyn, New York, the trio of Leah Wellbaum (guitars/vocals), Kyle Bann (bass), and Will Gorin (drums) approach the genre with a unique sense of rhythm cultivated during their time spent studying music at Sarah Lawrence College. Their first outing, the four-song EP The Demo(n)s, was self-released in 2010 and followed up the next year by Live @ Southpaw. Their first full-length studio effort, Feels Your Pain, arrived in 2012. Ba Da Bing Records and Burger Records issued sophomore LP Of Course You Do in early 2014, and Everyone Else followed on Dangerbird Records in the fall of 2016. ~ Gregory Heaney, Rovi

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