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Rocking ain’t easy. History has shown us countless examples of bands that couldn’t hold it together, ending in either a spectacular on-stage explosion, or by quietly fading into nothingness. And yet here we have San Francisco’s STROKE 9, happily celebrating over 20 years in the music business. In an industry notorious for churning and burning, Stroke 9's continued success can be attributed to one thing: They’re too dumb to stop doing it. But is it really so crazy? Having sold millions of copies of their 8 studio albums, and played countless clubs and theaters for their legions of adoring fans all over the world, Stroke 9 continues to experience the same level of joy and excitement as at their first rehearsal in 1989. When you’re doing what you love, there’s no logical reason to ever stop. Stroke 9 burst onto the millennial alt-rock radio scene with their #1 hit “Little Black Backpack,” from the platinum-selling “Nasty Little Thoughts.” Following several national and world tours, the band came back with the chart-topping album “Rip It Off,” featuring the hit singles “Kick Some Ass” and “Do It Again.” Their music has been featured in weird places, as well as in “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,” “Malcolm In The Middle,” “Scrubs,” and other film and TV shows. In 2005, Stroke 9 left the corporate scene to form their own label, and now release their semi-annual albums directly to the fans. Stroke 9 continues to tour from time to time, depending on how the wind is blowing.