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Somewhere in the strange void where the witchy ley lines of hardcore, punk, and noise rock intersect, resides Philadelphia's Great Weights, a band born out of anger and neglect. In contrast to the rising “boys club” erupting out of the late '90's/early '00's emo/hardcore movement, Great Weights had formed with the inspired intent to bring down the cis-hetero-male dominated hierarchy of those scenes-- a risky endeavor considering the burgeoning collective isms (misogyny/sexism, racism and queerphobia) that grew as weeds over a once flowering community. Frustrated by a lack of representation along queer, POC and gender lines (identities that some of the band embody and all embrace) and empowered by an increasing need to reclaim that music for themselves, the band took time out from previous and current projects as a weaponized version of their disillusionment.<br>