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Hi there, BigRicePiano, here – and welcome to my Spotify! Let me tell you a few things about myself: I am a pianist and composer who creates beautiful piano music for your relaxation, studying and deep sleeping playlists. My parents are both vietnamese, but I was born and raised in Germany. Here I began to play the piano when I was four years old – which must have sounded really bad back then. I quickly learned that following sheet music felt suffocating and restricting, which made me move into improvisation and composing by ear pretty early. I started to publish my music in 2009 on my YouTube channel, which is still active to this day – mostly uploading piano covers of popular songs and some sad and emotional compositions at first. I am now transitioning into a more nostalgic and minimalistic style – easy to listen to and perfect as background music. One of my minimalism piano projects is called 'The Silent City' – a collection of music dedicated to the loneliness and melancholy of today's cities, but also the little pieces of happiness and joyfullness of its everyday life. You can find me on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Bandcamp as @BigRicePiano Thank you so much for listening and support! Every single one of you is one reason, why I continue to make music.