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Moflo Music

Moflo Music

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Posted By Moflo Music

Moflo Music is more than just your typical Music Producer/Engineer from Detroit, Michigan and an Eclectic ear for multiple Genres of Music.

He’s also has quite possibly the most unique approach to his production with his efficient way of working. Moflo started his journey in music production 8 years ago, growing up in church with an extremely musical family, his love for music and the creative process was expected. Moflo is a producer and engineer for artists like: Hyper Fenton, Riian Raquel, Bxrod, 441, and many more upcoming artists from around the world with genres that range from EDM, Jazz, Pop, Hip hop, Country and so much more! He has also produced jingles for Domino's Pizza and has Engineered music for church Stage Plays. Moflo is a threat to the music game hitting it from all angles and his goal is to have many more of his own artists and producers that he will connect with and with their help, change the way people hear and feel music with the infusing of different vibes and sounds that create such a unique stand out genre of music he likes to refer to as "The New Sound."

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    Dallas, US
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