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JoJo Worthington’s music is infinite. This Canadian producer / composer / multi-instrumentalist crafts experimental post-folk in which intimate recollections explode into limitless soundscapes. Fusing electronic glitches, acoustic nuances, and extraterrestrial melodies, Worthington’s work pushes emotionally potent folk songs to the perilous edge. JoJo Worthington’s latest project, 'TCYK', is a celebration of her diverse strengths. This powerhouse of an album is a magnificently textured exploration of Worthington’s experience as a woman navigating tumultuous relationships. This otherworldly record, which interweaves cinematic eruptions with instrumental meditations, established Worthington as one of Canada’s most innovative musicians. Critics have described her as “sublime,” (Gold Flake Paint) “enchanting and transporting,” (Ride The Tempo) and “at once sweeping and grand and extremely intimate” (Grayowl Point). Worthington has opened for acts such as, Mappe Of, Novo Amor, Ariana Gillis, Frightened Rabbit, and more. Her recorded work has received several international awards, such as: Songwriter’s Hall of Fame and Toronto Independent Music Awards. Ceaselessly engaging, deeply affecting, and always forging deeper into the unknown, JoJo Worthington is one of the most forward-thinking musicians of her generation.