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Andrew Såulf is a Danish American artist known as The Seawolf and is based in Los Angeles, California. His signature sound combines Nordic folk music with lo-fi hip hop using Viking period instrumentation, sampling environmental sounds in historic locations around Scandinavia and featuring lyrics spoken in the Old Norse language. Reminiscent of Norwegian music constellation Wardruna, and at times Massive Attack's more alternative tracks, Niflheim is his debut album which features collaborations with celebrated folk singer Rúnahild, electro-folk band Astralseid, Scandinavian religion and mythology expert Dr. Mathias Nordvig and metal vocalist Lady Elisabeth. Niflheim is the first in a series of 9 albums named after the Nine Worlds of Norse mythology. Niflheim was primarily a realm of primordial ice and cold, with the frozen rivers of Élivágar and each song on the album is named after one of those rivers. The album was mastered by beloved Norse musician Gustav Holberg in a solar powered studio in Norway and features lyrics from the Prose Edda.

The album took 8 months to produce, sampling Viking age instruments and natural environmental sounds captured in ancient Viking burial sites in Norway while being composed in a studio in Los Angeles during the pandemic lockdown.