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New single ‘Well’ OUT NOW! Well, now playing on BBC Sounds. Adry is a producer as well as a singer/songwriter. He became the lead vocalist of a rock band as a teenager, and played guitar and bass to the sounds of music and lyrics that he himself wrote. The originality that spans through these stylistic techniques is encouraging and motivating. With sounds that are infused by inspirations such as Nirvana and John Lennon of The Beatles. His first album Rule of Sadness, was introduced to the world in 2009; with over a million downloads 
 Adry became a hit over night. Since then, he has been performing in clubs and arenas all over the world and gaining a sense of self-awareness as an artist. He then followed this up with his incredible second album, Blue Lights (2012) , which includes the smash hits Janie and Frozen Heart. 
 What followed was a masterclass in sound design, shaping the music scene for generations to come. Through the singles Together (2014), Place (2015), and Pretty (2015), Adry solidified his status as one of the most exciting acts in the music industry. 
 Adry now follows all of this up with his eagerly-anticipated third album, Notes 
 Coming soon: Well (part of the album notes) | 
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