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- Enchanting, warm, loving, hilarious and broken. Tessa Devine is an emo with sunshine in her pocket. Often compared to both Tracy Chapman and Florence And The Machine, Tessa will grab you with her vocals and hold you close with her heart. Her haunting vocal harmonies, move gracefully between deep, sultry textures and exhilarating soprano tones. Intricate guitar looping and lyrics tell stories of heartbreak and loss that somehow leave you feeling uplifted. Tessa has travelled the globe with her album 'Pieces' and a couple of EPs, performing at Floating Castle in Slovenia and numerous shows throughout the UK and the States. Tessa is now back on Australian soil with a cache of unreleased music incorporating intricate guitar loops with beats, keys and her emotionally driven vocals. Since her return she has been selected to support such artists as: Tones and I,