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ZYO is a South African music artist inspired by the cultural aesthetic of Afrofuturism. Through his music, he hopes to spread the ideals of unity and positivity. Little is known about ZYO. Shrouded in swathes of intensely colored shweshwe fabric and donning a futuristic helmet, his eyes are concealed behind a visor. There are flashes of skin, but the palette of his hands and other features is indeterminate. With an ever-evolving look, ZYO’s current custom-made outfit is a perfect visualization of the music he is releasing currently; sounds that are unique and almost futuristic, but at the same time also contemporary. This is how he wants it to be - an enigmatic music man - appreciated for his fusion of electronic beats and African rhythms. The specifics of biography pale in relation to the journey of his “fusion of cultures” that he is embarking on. ZYO is about innovation, shape-shifting, and collaboration. The element of mystique is also something that draws people to ZYO’s beats, embracing the journey of discovery through the colorful and universal language of music. ZYO strives to present Africa in a futuristic way - hence the moniker comes from the Zulu word “esizayo”, which is translated as “future” in English.