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Hello, this is Hicham, I’m a pianist, composer and sound designer. Born in Agadir, city on the Atlantic coast in south Morocco where i was rocked by North African music, such as Gnaoua, Egyptian music, as well as by piano pieces and soundtrack compositions. In 1989, i moved to Belgium where i started sound engineer studies. I discovered the richness of Western music and especially loved symphonic music. The first time i listened to Beethoven's ninth symphony, it was in the early 90's, i had a shock and was upset by this so generous composition, the dynamic richness, the harmonic possibilities, and the large palette of colors that a Symphonic orchestra can offer have seduced me forever. During the same period, i introduced myself to various world music genres (oriental, Balkan...), i participate to several underground electronic music, and thanks to the completed sound engineering studies, i acquired an experience and an understanding of the necessary tools for the creation and editing of sound materials, tools that i still use in my own productions. Today i produce and compose music for audiovisual broadcasting. My work ranges from orchestral compositions to intimate piano pieces, and can be heard and downloaded from my royalty free music Library (Music Screen) at: https://www.musicscreen.org