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The band was formed back in 2005 by Anders Löfstrand, vox, Marcus Ström, drums, Claes Andersson, guitar and Otto Molin, guitar. After a whiled they recruited Erik Bergkvist to manage the bass. In 2010 their guitarist Claes Andersson quit the band and was replaced by the guitarist Jonas Hamqvist. At the same time they went into to the studio and started record their self-titled debut album “Silver Devil”. That was released by themselves in spring the 2011. In the spring of 2013 they got the chance to go on a European tour with their friends in Skraeckoedlan. When the tour finished, it was time to enter the studio to record the sequel of the self-titled Silver Devil. After 1 week in the studio, the emotions were mixed and the band agreed that a break was a good idea.

The break came to be years …. In early 2017 they decided to resume the recordings and two years later, the album Paralyzed was completed. Continuing with one leg cemented in California's desert and the other leg in the Nordic melodic tradition, Silver Devil still has a unique expression that blends heaviness with sadness. Monotone riffs and rhythms still struggle in the soul and become the canvas where the melodies are painted. Without losing the foothold with the early inspirations from the predecessors in both stoner, punk and rock n roll, the sound has taken new paths without being polished and affixed. March 25, 2019, the album Paralyzed was released after 6 years of waiting.