Broke n Tipsy


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    Lika bra - Cleo, Adam Tensta
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    Vem e han - Cleo, Kristin Amparo,
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    Gå på salong - Cleo, Kristin Amparo,
The greatest trick the originators of hiphop ever pulled was convincing the world that it’s only one genre, especially considering the massive amounts of musical history they used to inspire its creation.
Hiphop is unique in its form, both in its free narrative lyrical structure and the wide variety of sounds that go into creating each and every track. And each producer that falls in love with hiphop and rap enough to write raps or make beats knows how much there is to choose from, how many roads there are to take, and that taking only one is not a necessity. Hannes Lidén and Bessem Bedziri, popularly known as the production duo Broke ‘n Tipsy, certainly do.
They call what they do ”hiphop and instrumental urban music”, and it’s definitely an apt description of what the duo creates together sounds like. They have a knack for finding space in their tracks to reference bygone eras, foreign soundscapes, legendary musical styles, without losing that signature Broke ‘n Tipsy identity. They’ll go bass-heavy and chopped’n’screwed, they’ll go with synthesizers and elements from electronica for contemplative tracks, they’ll go for warped voices and broken bass sounds for explosive moments. Broke ‘n Tipsy are a young duo just as well as a window into the future sounds of Scandinavian hiphop, of neighbouring genres, and of when they cross paths with genre-defying pop music.


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