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Bereen Ondo composes experimental music with electronic instruments and field recordings. Since his debut in 2017, his music has combined broken lo-fi ambient with melancholic sound textures. On his album Unenkaltainen Hämärä, the Helsinki-based musician began to focus more on working with modular synthesizers and creating arrangements for acoustic instruments. Recorded in Benin and northern Finland, the album imagines a world abandoned by humans, where only echoes of ancient liturgies, forgotten machinery and oceans littered with micro plastic give evidence of the anthropocene period. Dense electronic textures and wailing Easter choirs blend together with violin, clarinet and trumpet (performed by Vesa Hoikka of Redder), resulting in dreamy and at times harsh soundscapes. Bereen Ondo also creates his own abstract visuals to accompany his music, utilizing circuit-bent video mixers and CRT TVs.