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Mixing electric sounds with a melancholic atmosphere, Sugar Pills was born circa 2016 in Paris. Long time friends all animated by a same passion for music, Camila Djadja (vocals and guitar), Thomasine Le Gallic (guitar) and Jefferson Bisson (bass) gave birth to the band during their time in Jules Ferry High school. Lately, Pier Paolo Gault (drums) and Jackson Ellis (synth) joined them, giving a brand new electronic vibe to the music. Blending Shoegaze's deep oneiric tones with New Wave's electric sounds, Sugar Pills sings queer love songs with pop melodies. VHS / Italian Porno (When I’m Asleep I See You Dance) is a double single written, composed and produced by Sugar Pills – recording and mix by Jean Charles Versari (Poptones Studio), master by Pete Maher (UK). If on one hand Sugar Pills’ first EP – Pools, is offering us a variation over diverse shades of blue, the double single outlines on the other hand a red diptych soaked in oneirism and tinted with anxiety. It cut loose of last EP, presenting a universe where the honesty and the brutality of the lyrics collides with pop and aerial melodies. A palette of sensations spreads through both tunes, which answers each other in their vision of fantasy, evoking an idea of self-exploration/affirmation. Via more electronic sounds, VHS / Italian Porno (When I’m Asleep I See You Dance) unveils a new piece of Sugar Pills’ universe : nightmarish and carnal.