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music + business + future 👶 born in Buenos Aires on a Saturday of 1975 🎹 started playing piano at 9 y/o 🏆 produced first album for Sony Music at the age of 20, awarded with multiple platinum records and a Latin Grammy 👨‍🎓 gratuated in Jazz Composition at Berklee College of Music in Boston with a Fulbright Scholarship 🗽 moved to New York where produced records, played in several projects and recorded first album: "Doña Furia Gaucha" 🇦🇷 founded the first independent digital distributor in Argentina: www.LimboMusic.com 🏅 selected by the British Council as cultural entrepreneur of the year (twice) 👨‍💻 developed the music industry sector of the first Latin American Cultural Industries Market where produced a Music Hackathon 🎤 gave conferences at Sonar + D, Pecha Kucha, Wobi, Telefonica, The Great Escape, among others. 📱 developed an app with Motorola for "The Wall" by Roger Waters 📀 produced the posthumous album of Mercedes Sosa, "Ángel", as well as the album "Canciones Prohibidas" uniting generations of mainstream with emerging artists 🎧 recorded two more albums: "#Cosecha" (the first interactive album with a QR code as a cover) and "El Arte de lo Posible", solo piano 🤝 co-created SoL® The Music Network with Rómulo Sanjurjo, promoting business opportunities to companies, artists, festivals and producers in professional networking events 👨‍🎓 completed the altMBA with Seth Godin 🇪🇺 now based in Madrid 🔥 Action!