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DE FEO, born 1995 in Naples is a Italian Dj, sound designer and visual artist based in Berlin. With experience in soundtracks, events and media communication in city like Amsterdam, London, Belgrade, Barcelona, Berlin and much more heis part of an artist generation who works intensively in the transitional area between music, art and science. - His knowledge of communication mixed with skills in new media art perfectly blends his need to convey to the people who listen to him not only the right sound, but always a unique collective experience, transporting their in always different places with the use of samples created or recorded on his long journeys. In his work he seeks to overcome the separation of the sensory perceptions of man like sound and light frequencies, or the difference between the various anthropological communication system; creating scientific, artistic and sociologic phenomenons perceivable for both eyes and ears in a multisensory unexpected environmen. His music is regualr supported by names such as: Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Ilario Alicante, Young Male, Florian Meindl, and many more! For him, making music is not simply about producing sound, but about transporting people into a boundless experience