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The Thinking Men are a dark devilish affair, a deliciously instinctive seduction walking the rim of nightmares while channelling inspirations from the likes of Tom Waits, Nick Cave, The Doors, and Jack White into something boldly individual. A fiercely memorable and dramatic stage proposition, the band bring the same depth of theatre and intensity into their song writing, weaving rich tales and emotions around addiction sparking hooks and groove threaded melodies. It is all in evidence within the band’s latest EP, ‘Memento Mori ‘, a tapestry of dark adventures never going where you expect and taking the listener to shadowy corners they may not wish to peer into, it all going on with a wily touch of mischief and a whiff of irresistible madness. The Thinking Men are poised to make 2018 their most potent,exciting, and unforgettable timeyet; their invitation is the insatiable tease of their sound and open for all.