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Over three albums under his own name, Devon Williams has honed a trademark blend of shining power pop, folk rock, and jangle pop that explores the shared spaces and nuances of each, anchored by his distinctive melodic gifts. After an uncharacteristic six-year break, he returns with "A Tear In The Fabric": 12 lushly arranged, deeply felt songs chronicling a journey from confusion to clarity, driven by a lilting dreaminess, rock-solid song craft, and unerring hooks. The finished songs are a series of evocative snapshots for Williams: questions asked, answers given, compromises reached, as captured with startling lucidity as on "Domesticated": "I'm under your skin, is this the price of forever? I don't mind if you just do what you like / I find it hard to re-adjust this tug of war / Is it part of the role?/ Well, if it is, I can play."